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Are you looking to start a new project,
or perhaps renew your digital identity?

Any project will benefit from having a web presence.

Fetch up can help you gain that edge on your competitors,
creating an image worthy of your customers attention.

Building websites & designing stuff.

It's about making it worthwhile for you,
and appreciated by your audience.

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Fetch up is your one stop solution for creating your digital and printed presence.

About me

Fetch up creative is an independent web user interface design studio. Based in Brussels, Swedish born creator Staffan Sandstrom is a young web designer who enjoys learning new ways of creating websites and interfaces.

I'm easy going and friendly, i enjoy working with clients and i take satisfaction in delivering pleasing products. I always try to create an end product suited to your users, therefore i'm always interested in your feedback in order to get the best results.

Usability, simplicity and attention to detail are important factors in my way of thinking when i work.
It should be easy to use and navigate throughout your website. Simplicity on the one hand avoids clutter, important info that you need your visitors to see should be displayed properly.

On the other hand, keeping it simple helps keep the project on a steady timelime, avoiding delays and expensive solutions.

Attention to details is what set you apart from the rest.

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I design and create digital experiences, but also anything you might need to promote yourself, your event or your business on paper.

You might need a new business card, a promotional ad or a flyer, professionalize your stationary, design a newsletter or a facebook fan page?

Have a project in mind? Don't wait no further. Ask me about it!

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So, what do i do?

My workfield ranges from simple websites to fullfledged e-commerces.
I develop websites according to your needs and make them as functional as needed for your audience.
I stay up to date with industry standards and i don't mind running that extra mile if your projects needs that ravishing, eye-catching feat or any custom implementation.

I run my ship with a little bit of html5, some php, javascript, jQuery and css2 combined with those extra css3 tricks in order to make your simple areas look dazzling.

I generally endorse open source systems such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento or PrestaShop but i can also suggest certain more costly, yet powerful solutions if you are looking for that extra bit of performance in regards to analytics, marketing & search engine optimisation.
I strive to make the finished product as clean and usable as possible and i do have a rather minimalistic approach of designing.

I'm ready to take on any project, locally or worldwide.

Get in touch

  • Don't hesitate. Reasonable prices and fast deliveries guaranteed.

  • Call: 0032(0)488 050 776
  • Email: hello@fetchup.be
  • Twitter: @fetchupmedia
  • Staffan Sandstrom

If you feel like it, download my inquiry form, take a few minutes and fill it out and send it back to me.

Or simply use the comment box on the right.


I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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